November Meeting Speaker Lizz Leral

Lizz Leral, a Philadelphia transplant founded Quilting for Community in 2018 after losing her first love, her Dad.  Many of Lizz’s career choices were offshoots of the strong connection they shared.  Over many years, Lizz alternated between education, music and set-decorating!  Quilting became important to Lizz around 2016, as she realized the cathartic nature of working with her hands, working together with others and being creative in this “new” medium.

While most quilters understand the impact that learning, making, teaching and giving have on the quilter as well as the community, the average “non-quilter” does not have this understanding.  If non-quilters learned how simple, creative, and gratifying the quilt-making process could be, would they be inclined to try it?  Would they experience peace of mind?  Would they pass on the knowledge?  This became the mission of Quilting for Community; to provide a safe, creative space for anyone to learn quilting, free-of-charge.