Our History


Actually, things do get done over a cup of coffee. For some time, people had been talking about starting a chapter of the Modern Quilt Guild in the San Fernando Valley but it just never seemed to get off the ground.

On March 10th, 2015, Jann Lawson and Lois Christianson had coffee at Starbucks. We talked about wanting a chapter, but didn’t want to do all of the work. We had to find other like minded souls. The idea proposed was to hold a lecture on Modern Quilting. The best speaker would be Alissa Haight Carlton, who is the Executive Director of the Modern Quilt Guild. And we had to find a space, the Quilt Emporium was the best place. We contacted Lisa Hanson and she was very interested.

On May 28th, we held the lecture at the Quilt Emporium. 40 people attended. Everyone enjoyed Alissa’s lecture. It was very explanatory about the modern quilt movement. Plus she showed us some of her quilts.

From the lecture, we had a list of 30 quilters who were interested in a Modern Quilt Guild chapter. Of those 30, 13 met to begin the planning to create a Modern Quilt Guild chapter. These were:  Anne Kaz, Ann Richardson. CJ Foss, Scott Griffin, Carole Meadows, Cammie Gross, Shirley Vangerov, Margo Yang, Rosalie Glickman, Rita Streimer, Jann Lawson. Lisa Hanson and Lois Christianson.

Four meetings were held with the organizing committee. An executive board was selected, bylaws written, a bank account opened and web site created.  The first general membership meeting was held on September 28th at the Quilt Emporium. 70 people attended.

By the second htla1meeting, we had outgrown the space at the Quilt Emporium.  Our membership was over 40 by that time.  We are able to use the space at High Tech LA for our meetings.