April 17th General Meeting Guest Speaker SHEILA FRAMPTON-COOPER

Sheila Frampton-Cooper is our Guest Speaker for our April 17th General Meeting. Sheila’s presentation is titled ‘Glorious Color’ Just check our her WEBSITE to see her beautiful and colorful creations. Sheila will be speaking in-person! Zoom will also be available for out of town members.

About Sheila:

When award-winning artist Sheila Frampton Cooper creates, she revels in the spontaneous. Her free-form process with its surprising twists and turns inevitably delivers her to a place of unfiltered originality where her bold work unapologetically commands attention.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Sheila showed a strong-willed, artistic temperament from an early age and has been creating art since her earliest memories. When she was 19 she lived in Italy, France and Belgium, and upon her return, embarked with a vengeance down her creative path.

Sheila is also a passionate teacher and has shared her process in workshops around the world. She says, “Another wonderful change quilting brought into my life was the opportunity to teach. It is a privilege for me to witness what my students accomplish in 2-5 days! I am honored to hold the space and guide them as they discover the freedom, joy, and for some, the discomfort that comes from not knowing the outcome of their creations”.