June Workshop – Quilting Jetgirl

June 30th Workshop – Yvonne Fuchs, the Quilting Jetgirl

In our upcoming June 2018 workshop Triangle Transparency presented by Quilting Jetgirl (Yvonne Fuchs), you will learn how to evaluate fabric choices for transparency overlay and about how the visual relationship between different colors, print sizes, and tones can be balanced in your quilts by working through the Triangle Transparency quilt pattern. Traditional piecing techniques will be explored, with additional insights into precision piecing and how to work with directional fabrics.  If you are interested in the workshop, please contact Teresa at Ternest@aol.com.

About Yvonne

In her earlier career, Yvonne worked as an aerospace engineer until April 2014 when she radically redesigned her life to focus on her physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Her company name, Quilting Jetgirl, is a blend of her professional histories and the tagline “Sewing at the Speed of Sound” is a nod to her work on the second privately funded (non-government) vehicle to break the sound barrier. She has been quilting for 20+ years and credits quilting with helping her feel balanced and connected to both her local hometown community and a larger global community.